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Braces Don’t Have To Be Embarrassing!

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Braces Pembroke Pines FloridaBrace up

Many of us are mortally scared of visiting a dental facility. Never mind if our teeth are crooked. Then one day your ugly smile gets commented upon in a social gathering and you begin to brood. A friend then recommends a visit to an orthodontist at Southwest Ranch to see whether there is hope for you. Imagine your joy when you are told that in lingual braces, they have just the right treatment for you and continues to rattle out the procedure involved. You are all attention and inwardly, already smiling in anticipation of getting a great smile just like so many others around you

What is so special?

The need of getting braces having been defined, you are ready to go through the routine. You would naturally like to discuss the pros and cons of various options available. How would you feel when you hear about invisible braces that have ceramic brackets that almost take the color of your teeth? How about clear plastic aligners? There are options galore and perhaps you need to settle for Lingual braces that arguably are the most invisible contraptions for the amount they cost. Near invisibility is achieved by imaginative placement of the braces in your mouth. You wear braces but nobody can notice them.


The biggest advantage of these behind the scene braces is cosmetic. If you thought ceramic braces would serve a similar purpose too but remember, while they have ceramic bracket the color of your teeth, the wires would still be visible. Not so in Lingual braces unless someone literally probes the insides of your mouth like your orthodontist.

Must know

The only categories of patients who may not find these workable are the ones with very small teeth or huge ‘overbite’ issues. Some may have problems in adjusting to these initially as positioning of the tongue gets affected with consequent effects on your capacity to talk or swallow. There could also be a higher chance of plaque buildup but if you are visiting your dentist regularly, why worry about these peripheral issues. You want your smile and looks back don’t you and in doing so, want to keep it as discreet as possible.

And you smile ever after

The Southwest Ranch orthodontist will first take an impression of your mouth and then sends it to a dental lab for getting customized braces made. The procedure is hi-tech and uses CAD/CAM for designing. Wires are worked through advanced robotic technology. The six week wait will be worth it and then you just have to go through a precise procedure to have the braces cemented onto your teeth. After that it is a matter of time before your teeth get aligned and you can then smile with gay abandon!



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