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Why Does My Child Have Bad Breath?!

Does Your Kid Need A Breath Mint? This Might Be Why…

Bad breath in children

Does Your Child Have Bad Breath?

Here are some things that might cause your child’s bad breath:

  • Bacteria: The most common cause of halitosis in children is a build up of bacteria on the back of the tongue, between the teeth and at the gum line. When children don’t practice good daily hygiene, this bacteria produces hydrogen sulfide—the same compound that creates the telltale smell in rotten eggs.
  • Diet: Foods like garlic and onions don’t just leave an odor in your mouth. When these foods are absorbed into the bloodstream, their odors eventually end up in your lungs and are detectable in your breath. Once the foods are completely out of your system, the odor will go away.
  • Health Issues: Disease in the liver, respiratory tract, sinuses, or kidneys can have bad breath as a symptom. Diabetes is also known to cause a distinctive odor in a child’s breath.
  • Medications: Many medications list halitosis as a side effect.
  • Oral Conditions: Periodontal disease, tooth decay, dry mouth and oral yeast infections are common oral conditions that can cause halitosis.

We Can help you fix it!  To find out ways to stop their bad breath, please visit our website here!  We would love to partner with you, to make this a non-issue for your child.  Not only is it embarrassing, it’s just not healthy!